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new plans

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mayn have asked where im going for college and what ive been doing and so on, so i thought id just answer them all in a blog.

ill be attending an internship for International House of Prayer from june through december to better connect with God and shine more knowledge on what he wants me to do with my life. ill also be helping the media branch of said organization.
im extremely excited for this even if it doesn't allow me to attend art school right away.

after the internship i plan on attending KCAI in Kansas City. ive met a girl who lives there and i plan on marrying this girl.

i still want to teach college level someday.

anyway, i now work at the Gap in Rapid City and this being my last year of high school im dedicating to making as much money as i possibly can while keeping my grades up, quite a task which doesn't allow much time for my artwork. ill try to post more as i sporadically do it at 3 am.

i was recently in an art show which was a joke because all of the gallerys benefactors friends and family won ribbons. it doens't bother me due to living in such a small town where landscapes and native americans are the only things you see hanging up on walls.

anyway ill keep everyone posted.

love always,
kyle ramsey moe

anyone going to this?

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National Portfolio day in Minneapolis this weekend.

i am.

perhaps ill see you there.


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i discounted a bunch of stuff because i couldn't figure out how to just simply take it off the "Market". so yeah.
i got a little uploading crazy and didn't even think about what i was putting into it.
so bare with me and my horrible horrible "older" stuff art.
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