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This new piece is part portrait submerged into a religious Italian scene. Not sure why i did this. Ode to my guardian i guess, hope she is there or here doing her job.

This is the last piece of 2006. Its 18 x 24 oil on canvas.


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Hi. I am pleased with the finished piece. There is other work to be done, so for now I am finished and I have to let this go!

This piece is 18x24 inches on half inch canvas. Right now I continue with the limited color choices and heavy oil paint application. Its a series of angels that are very cool blue.

The angel looks into the black lake, marred and filled with marshy flowers. After a time, her reflection clears and she sees the images of well-being. Arise from the water little image. These are things that she sees from her vision. Bits and pieces of knowledge that she uses later for her important work. The Scrying Angel has important people to help, shes a guardian angel after all! Please enjoy.

The series: guardians continued

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Starting two scrying angels. Both are on 18x 24" one inch canvas. To continue with the guardian angel theme since it is pouring out of me with peace and time. As long as there is the idea, then why not go with it.

The inspiration has begun with these pieces, not trying to rush the production. Its nice to see it uncover. This stems from crouching guardian, which was well liked. That one was done on wood panel. This will be easier and more of a standard presentation on canvas.

Here are the initial drawings that i am beginning to do for this painting: