9 years ago Carla Trent asks:

What the best way to market handmade jewelry?

10 years ago Lisa Valle asks:

is the private site billed monthly or in one lump sum based on how many months you sign up for?

10 years ago Kim Jackson asks:

Feedback needed on having Chat available

Do you like the chat feature embedded now inside MAP? Instead of going to AOL instant messenger or other chat programs, you can chat while using MAP and tending to your Plot every day. I'm interested in feedback. Is it a good feature? What else do you want to have on MAP? As you know, we're packing MAP with relevant tools so that it will be your one-stop place for online activity.

10 years ago joseph wangombe asks:

do you make and ship prints on behalf of artists

10 years ago Charles Nissen asks:

As you climb up the artist food chain, what percentage of your success should be e-fame?