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Quick Questions

What is MAP?
MAP is an acronym for MyArtPlot. MyArtPlot is an important part of any creative life. Artists, crafters, and supporters use MAP for social, professional, and commercial tools. We believe that a connected, open, and supportive art world doesn't exist. Together, we're building it with MAP as the first global platform. Read the "About" page to learn more. 

Is MAP free? How do I join?

Yes, MAP is free. You can join by clicking here.

What is a Plot?
A Plot is one of countless pages that exists in our global community. When you sign up, you get a Plot - your personal page. A Plot has several views. Internal view is what you see when you log in. It is here that you use and set your tools. External view is what others see when they log into MAP and go to your Plot. Public view is what everyone see when they go to your public plot i.e.

Why does everyone use their real first and last name here?
People go by their real first and last name here because there's a great sense of ownership. More than this - there are many other reasons. The first is that MAP enables an organic intellectual property system. Whenever you upload a piece of your work, your real first and last name will be automatically watermark. The second is MAP is a great way to get your name out there. People who sign up with MAP and use their real name are more than likely to appear easily on most search engine with their Plot. Try it now. Go to a search engine. Then type in your first and last name in qoutation and then perhaps add the word "art" or "craft." in search engines.

What tools exist in a Plot?
There are many tools compressed into sections, called Zigs, in a Plot. MAP provides social, professional, and commercial power so these tools hold any combination of these power. Here's a quick break down. Portfolio Zig: allows you to showcase work. Review Zig: allows you to receive critique. Customization Zig: allows you to customize your Plot and create Banner, which you can use to market youself and your Plot across the internet. Blog Zig: allows you to express yourself and share ideas. Sales Zig: allows you to sell your work. Network Zig: allows you to keep those around you updated while connecting you with new people. There are a lot more. Join and explore MAP to see for yourself.

How is MAP different from existing arts and crafts communities?
With social, professional, and commercial tools that are functional, MAP is different because it is more than just an art community. MAP is a movement. It is a global community working together and fighting for real changes. MAP's core identity is its fight against elitism and the struggle to spread unity amongst the world's isolated art communities. Among many things, MAP allows you to upload and showcase your work, be engaged in a meaningful peer review process, effectively earn income by selling your work in its market venue, share your experiences and interests, and learn about others through blogs and forums.

Is MAP a community or a market venue? Do I need to sell my work?
MAP is both a community and a market venue. We are first and foremost a global community working towards a progressive agenda. You can do a lot of things on MAP and you definitely do not have to sell your work. MAP offers three types of tools- social, professional and commercial. So, artists and artisans who sell their works on MAP are simply utilizing the commercial tool available to them. If you don't sell, you can still enjoy the social and professional tools.

Who can join MAP?
Anyone can join MAP. MAP fights elitism so we have no right to turn anyone away. Artists, artisans, crafters, and buyers come from all experience and expertise levels. We have among us students, hobbyists, amateurs, semi-professionals, professionals, and retired artists. We also have art buyers and merchants mingling in our community. Heck, we have some really interesting people in our community. For example, along with a number of art professors, we also have a physicist and an air force colonel rocking it out on MAP. Anyone who enjoys art and crafts is welcome. Join the MAP movement and explore!


I forgot my password. What do I do?
Please try your password again and note that passwords are case sensitive. For example, "passWOrd" is not the same as "password." If you can't remember your password, you can reset it by clicking here

How can I cancel my account?
We're sorry that you're leaving us. To cancel your account, please send Kim Jackson a message. We would really like to get your feedback.

I cannot upload images. I cannot post text. I see so many errors!
Please make sure that you have the newest version of your internet browser. To download the newest version, please choose your respective browser type: Firefox/Mozilla , Internet Explorer, Safari (OS X 10.0-10.3), Safari (OS X 10.4) . For security reasons, MAP suggests that you use Firefox/Mozilla as it is most compatible with MAP's design. If your technical problem still persists even when you are using the newest internet browser, then please email errors[at] or click on "Help" in the menu to talk to us live. 

I recently changed my email address. How do I prompt MAP on this change?
Please go to the the Account tab in Menu.


What is the first thing that I need to know?
For complete information on being a Buyer and the Buying process, please review the Buyer Agreement on the purchase confirmation page for each sale item.

What happens when I make a purchase?
Here are 7 summarized steps of how you buy. (1) In market, choose an item that you would like to buy. Click on the “Buy” button. You will be sent to a confirmation page. (2) On this confirmation page, verify your purchase and read the Buyer’s Agreement. Then click on the “Google Checkout”button and enter your credit card and shipping information. (3) The applicable city, state, and country of your shipping address will then be emailed to the Seller, and the Seller will have to approve or decline the sale within 48 hours. (4) Upon the Seller’s approval, your credit card will be charged. (If somehow, the Seller declines your purchase, then your credit card will not be charged. Sellers generally do not decline purchases but if they do, they may be penalized by MAP). (5) MAP will then send an email to the Seller with your full shipping address and your email, instructing the Seller to ship your purchase within 78 hours. You will then receive an email with contact information for the Seller. (6) After the Seller ships your purchase, MAP will send to you another email confirming the shipment. Please note that if the listed price of your item is $100 or more (excluding any applicable international shipping fee, taxes, or transaction fee), then the Seller is obligated to provide to you with a shipment tracking number so that you can track your item en-route. If your item is less than $100 then the Seller will ship it without a shipment tracking number. In the email sent to you, MAP will share with you this tracking number if it is applicable. Within 72 hours, the Seller must log back into MAP and enter in the shipment tracking number (for items listed $100 or more) or simply tell MAP that the item (for items listed under $100) has been shipped. (7) A week after receiving your purchase, you will be able to review and rate the Seller.

Do I have to sign up as a member to make a purchase?
No. You can go straight to market at and start shopping.

How is my credit card information handled and secured?
MAP outsources to Google Checkout to verify and process your credit card information in payment of your purchase. Google Checkout is owned and operated by Google, Inc, a respected Fortune 500 U.S. company, as ranked in 2006. The responsibility of obtaining and securing your credit card information is undertaken entirely by Google Checkout and not by MAP. Google Checkout is the only entity which receives your credit card information to be verified by your Credit Card Company. Neither your Seller nor MAP has access at any time to your credit card number.

As a buyer, when will MAP ask me for my credit card information?
When you complete your purchase of an item, you will click on the “Google Checkout” button, at which time, you will be directed to a Google Checkout page that will enable you to enter your credit card information. Please note that this will be the only time you will be asked to enter your credit card information. Please do not enter your credit card information anywhere else even if you receive an email or communication purportedly from MAP or your Seller asking you to do so. If your credit card is invalid for the Item and you receive an email from Google Checkout instructing you to re-enter your credit card, please first contact MAP before you do so in order for us to confirm that the request is valid. MAP, your Seller, and all direct and indirect parties purportedly associated with MAP will never email or communicate with you to ask for your credit card information. Your Seller will never email you to ask for your credit card information under any circumstance. If you receive any email or communication asking for your credit card information, please notify MAP by forwarding a copy of the email or communication to kim[at] .


What is the first thing that I need to know?
For complete information on being a Seller and the Selling process, inclusive of how you will get paid and MAP's pricing model, please go to your sales portal and review the Seller Agreement.

What happens when I sell art?
Here are 6 summarized steps of how you sell. (1) You will receive an email with the Buyer’s name and the applicable city, state, and country of delivery. (2) Log onto MAP and approve or decline the sale within 48 hours (if you do not approve the sale within this time frame, the sale will automatically be declined). If you repeatedly decline sales then you may lose your status as a Seller. (3) After approving the sale, you will receive an email with the Buyer's complete shipping address and email address, and the Buyer will also receive your contact information. (4) Ship the item to the buyer within 78 hours. If you're shipping an item with a listed price of $100 or more (excluding any applicable international shipping fee, taxes, or transaction cost), be sure to request a tracking number for the shipment. If the listed price for the item is under $100, then you do not need to request a tracking number for it. For all shipments, you must use a dominant governmental or commercial mailing service available specific to your area that will provide delivery of your item within a brief time period of no more than 2 weeks to anywhere in the world. (5) Log onto MAP and enter the tracking number so that it may be made available to the buyer. (6) The buyer will be able to review you as a seller within a couple of weeks of the completed transaction.

As a Seller, when will MAP ask me for my credit card information?
MAP, your Buyers, and any party with direct or indirect association to MAP will never ask you for your credit card information. Please do not give out your credit card or financial information; MAP will never have a need for it. If you receive an email or any form of communication, purportedly from MAP or any party directly or indirectly involved with MAP, asking you for your credit card information, please do not comply with their request and please notify MAP by forwarding a copy of the email or communication to us.

I am a seller and I have not sold anything. I am discouraged. Explain to me why I am not selling.
Please understand that MAP is your platform. Whil we will do all that we can to promote the global MAP community and market, ultimately it is up to you to market yourself and your individual Plot to everyone around you. Consider your Plot as your personal web site with social, professional, and commercial power. Invite everyone you can to join MAP and visit your Plot. Click on the "empower" icon on the top of your plot to view suggestions on how to spread the word. MAP will provide you with powerful marketing tools. It is up to you to use them to enrich your plot. For now, for starters, go to the Customization Zig and embed your banner across many sites on the internet as possible Do not be discouraged.