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Bird Goddess, by Emily Balivet
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Entitled: Bird Goddess Enlarge
Category: Paintings Medium: acrylic
Size: 27.00"W x 27.00"H x 0.00"D (9.00 lbs)
About this item: About "Bird Goddess": A Goddess holds a robin perched on her hand in a surreal deep green forest setting. Woodland spirits, faeries and sprites of the natural world form a wave around her. Another Pre-Raphaelite inspired beauty. Acrylic on panel, 2006.
Tags: faerie, fantasy, forest, surreal
About the Artist
Emily Balivet

"I am deeply inspired by the natural world that surrounds and inhabits me. Rarely do I set out to paint an image. I just allow the art to happen, as it has a life of it's own. Like a child I have brought into the world, it is reflective of something within me, like a memory , a fear, or a hope. My creations are directed by my muse and often reflect the divine symetery of the light and darker aspects of emotional being.
I have been designing and selling my work worldwide for over 15 years and have gained a few collectors. Raised in Alaska, I was born and presently reside in Vermont where my primary artistic focus is on my fantastical and mythological paintings I call GODDESS ART. Now a mother of two young daughters, I occasionally shift my artistic talents to create clothing and natural wooden toys for children.

Come visit my website at to see a complete portfolio!!"

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