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Sweet Autumn, by Mary Kinstler
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Entitled: Sweet Autumn Enlarge
Category: Paintings Medium: oil
Size: 24.00"W x 36.00"H
About this item: I had painted the sky and background on the canvas about half a year ago and i finally had an inspirational revelation to get it finished. it's done with oils on stretched canvas. 36"x24". Email me if you are intrested in buying it.

EDIT: the colors in the actual painting are much brighter and full, the picture was taken with a digital camera outside.
Tags: autumn, kinstler, oil, sweet
About the Artist
Mary Kinstler
Illustrator, Painter, Accessory Maker, Art Enthusiast

all of my artwork is on sale here

I'm known to most people as the crazy strange girl in class, and i'm 100% happy with that :)

I'm very interested in selling my work, I've just got to get things going. My email is if you have any questions. I am also open for commissioning, just write and I'll reply as soon as i can :D Thank you! "

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