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Positive Vibrations, by Angela Conley
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Entitled: Positive Vibrations Enlarge
Category: Paintings Medium: Watercolor
Size: 11.00"W x 14.00"H
About this item: Bob Marley has been & will continue to be a motivating force in music & in the world. Part of this is a homage to him, the other part is to show the great energy he possessed and radiated.
Tags: aura, Bob Marley, guitar, music
About the Artist
Angela Conley
Mixed Media Artist, Painter, Photographer, Art Enthusiast

"I have been blessed with a talent that I'd like to share, so thank you for visiting my page! I've had a love for art all my life, and am currently exploring a greater purpose in my talents. Drawing & watercolors are my specialty; the latter being my current focus. I started painting with watercolors in high school, and am drawn to both the fluidity and challenges it presents, as well as experimenting with new techniques.

I've always had a penchant for details, and have brought this forth in my artwork. I'm moved to recreate what we tend to overlook and take for granted: the life force centered deep within a flower, the vulnerability and submission before a kiss, the quiet strength of an embrace, or the aura of a beloved revolutionary. My goal is to express such energy through my artwork, allowing you to see the subject in a different light and with a greater appreciation for the various forms of life.

I like to work on several pieces at a time, and am also available for commissioned art. Please check out my photo albums for photos of current pieces for sale and past works. "

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