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Fall to Ruin, by Mary Kinstler
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Entitled: Fall to Ruin Enlarge
Category: Paintings Medium: oil
Size: 18.00"W x 24.00"H
About this item: The trees are not mourning over their own deaths, they are mourning
over yours. Do not kill which keeps you alive. After the death
of the earth, there can never be a rebirth.

18"x24". 8 hours. im sorry this took so long, its just that this painting never
really seemed to attach itself to me like all my others,
so i never really wanted to go back to it. but im glad it's done,
my dad likes it.

This was painted with oils on treated heavy paper. It has been beautifully framed. If you are interested in buying it please just email me. :)
Tags: abstract, nature, oil, painting
About the Artist
Mary Kinstler
Illustrator, Painter, Accessory Maker, Art Enthusiast

all of my artwork is on sale here

I'm known to most people as the crazy strange girl in class, and i'm 100% happy with that :)

I'm very interested in selling my work, I've just got to get things going. My email is if you have any questions. I am also open for commissioning, just write and I'll reply as soon as i can :D Thank you! "

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