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"The Way" , by Sabin Boykinov
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Entitled: "The Way" Enlarge
Category: Paintings Medium: oil on board
Size: 85.00"W x 65.00"H
About this item: "The Way - a place we always searching, a spiritual idea we always seeking, this is our door to the universal awakeing.The Way, as Buddhists sad is in front of you, just feel it and you will find it. Many of ancient civilizations give their own explanation for this spiritual research, but I think that, it is very personal process for everyone of us"
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About the Artist
Sabin Boykinov
Illustrator, Painter


I was born in Rousse, Bulgaria, a small town on the Danube River. Since early age, I’ve been attracted to Visionary Art. My first art album contained Hieronymus Bosch paintings and I fell for it. The teachers in the art school did not support my interests but that did not stop me. I started painting my dreams and indulged in learning about the visionary artists and technique of paining.

Throughout the years I’ve had the chance to see in person many of my famous visionary artists. Meeting the people who share similar ideas, and keep the visionary art alive was a great experience for me. Our friendship gave me the energy and inspiration to continue the search of my visionary dreams, and to transform them into paintings.

Listening to music while I paint gives me great inspiration. Musical influences stay behind each of my paintings. My favorite music styles are ethno and ambient. I also like traditional music such as American Indians, Indian and Tibetan. When I listen to some music the melodies transforms into visionary images, and this is how a painting is born. Music is my visionary tool.

Together with painting I started to explore the fields of 3D computer graphics, animation, and web design. I think that in our century the computer technologies will be part of our world, and will bring the humankind to a new Visionary Age"

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