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Red Grapes On Stucco, by Lisa Roche
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$180.00 (US Dollars) This work is pending sale to another user and is not currently available to buy.
Entitled: Red Grapes On Stucco Enlarge
Category: Paintings Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 12.00"W x 12.00"H x 1.00"D (1.00 lbs)
About this item: SOLD
Tags: grapes, oil, paint, wine
About the Artist
Lisa Roche

"Lisa Roche is an artist who loves to use bright vivid colors to express bold passion and liveliness; joyful energy and soulful light!
Lisa’s rich paintings are renowned for their daring style, always making her audience smile as they sense the importance of fun that her subjects emote. Collectors of her work love color and are not afraid to display it. Her primary and preferred medium is oil, as she also loves to play with texture; all in an effort to make the encounter with her pieces more striking and memorable.
Lisa resides in Carlsbad, California. Paintings by Lisa are in private collections throughout the United States, and can be seen at her web site,
Lisa is also delighted to fulfill commission requests, including portraits (done in a completely different, but stunning style!). She can be contacted via email ( or phone (760.889.2782).

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