Little Bowl With Circles, by Gina DeSantis
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Entitled: Little Bowl With Circles Enlarge
Category: Ceramics Medium: Ceramic Stoneware
Size: 5.00"W x 2.50"H
About this item: This little bowl is a soft triangular form with a gun metal black and purple glaze. Then a design was painted on in purple and black. It is food, dishwasher, and microwave safe.
Tags: bowl, clay, decorative, stoneware
About the Artist
Gina DeSantis
Ceramic Artist, Houseware Maker, Art Enthusiast

"i love ceramics. i love to meet people. i hope you enjoy my work as much as i enjoy making it. all of my pieces are functional, food safe, dishwasher safe and microwave safe. they are colorful and simple organic shapes. i sell wholesale and retail. my favorite potter is lucy rie. if you don't know her you must google her now!"

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