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Deep Purple Flower Necklace, by Erin Tokuuke
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Entitled: Deep Purple Flower Necklace Enlarge
Category: Jewelry Medium: plastic, 14K gold-fill
About this item: The pendant of this necklace is made by connecting a white circle measuring about 53mm to a deep purple flower measuring about 35mm. Both circle and flower are made of plastic. The pendant is connected to a 14K gold-filled cable chain. The necklace is finished with a 14K gold-filled bar and toggle clasp. Necklace measures approximately 24 inches all the way around.

Tags: jewelry, necklace, purple, white
About the Artist
Erin Tokuuke
Jewelry Maker

"Mine is truly the story of "an avocation becoming a vocation". Since my preteen years, I've enjoyed creating things with my hands. As my love of beautiful things grew, it fell into place that I should start making jewelry.

The craft work was therapeutic, and the finished products appealing to the eye. I continue to have fun making new pieces. So, with the encouragement of friends and family, my jewelry store has been established.

Each of my jewelry designs is handcrafted with creativity and precision, resulting in one of a kind, eye-catching pieces. I understand that every individual has his or her own sense of style. With this in mind, I create my pieces with a variety of different materials in hopes that you will find something here that reflects your unique taste.

Here you'll find an assortment of jewelry styles from trendy to classic, made from all kinds of unique materials. I work hard to ensure that all of the jewelry pieces you see featured are made by me, by hand. And each one comes to you from the beautiful Hilo, Hawaii.

Because I realize how important caring for our environment and ourselves is, you'll find that many of the gemstones, pearls, and shells used to create these original pieces are natural and untreated, though some have been heat-treated, dyed, or bleached. Other materials used in the creation of these pieces include, but are not limited to, recycled or reused materials, wood beads, crystals, glass, pure silk and genuine leather cords, and gold-plated or gold-filled and silver-plated or sterling silver accents.

You will find the materials used for each jewelry piece in the product details. If you'd like to know more about the properties of a gemstone used to create a specific design, feel free to contact me. I feel it is important to know and understand what you are wearing and I hope that it will add to the overall enjoyment of your purchase.

Please come in and take a look around! You're sure to find something for yourself or someone you love.

I am continually creating new jewelry and expanding my line so please visit often!"

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