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Birdhouse 1, by David Wente
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Entitled: Birdhouse 1 Enlarge
Category: Wood Work Medium: Wood
Size: 5.00"W x 6.00"H x 5.00"D (4.00 lbs)
About this item: Just made for the 2007 spring. I needed a birdhouse to replace the condo house that fell apart last winter (it was made of particle board). This is a basic, simple design, cosisting of a basic 4 side motive. Very easy to make, but hard to line up perfectly!
Tags: birdhouse, wood
About the Artist
David Wente
Illustrator, Painter, Wood Crafter, Art Enthusiast

"I do alot of things, all of which I believe I am semi-talented in. I paint abstract, draw, illustrate, concept sketch, Build birdhouses, write short stories, and more. Feel free to comment on my work!

I am also up to doing custom projects, if desired. My email is for any questions, comments, or requests. Base minimum for Custom Projects is $30."

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