(untitled), by David Wente
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Entitled: (untitled) Enlarge
Category: Paintings Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
About this item: I get my ideas on impulse. Sometimes I see something that makes me want to paint, other times the idea just pops into my head. Either way, the end result is something like this. I like this one alot, it has a very nice color scheme to it, I think.
Tags: abstract, Black and White, blue, red
About the Artist
David Wente
Illustrator, Painter, Wood Crafter, Art Enthusiast

"I do alot of things, all of which I believe I am semi-talented in. I paint abstract, draw, illustrate, concept sketch, Build birdhouses, write short stories, and more. Feel free to comment on my work!

I am also up to doing custom projects, if desired. My email is for any questions, comments, or requests. Base minimum for Custom Projects is $30."

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