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Spirit Doll of Healing, by Jody HShields
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Entitled: Spirit Doll of Healing Enlarge
Category: Miscellaneous Medium: fabric
Size: 4.00"W x 4.00"H x 1.00"D
About this item: My Spirit Dolls of Healing are made with great care, each one is unique, no two are alike. When I work on these dolls my heart & soul, love of caring goes into each & every one.
Tags: beads, doll, fabric, healing
About the Artist
Jody HShields
Mixed Media Artist, Jewelry Maker, Paper Crafter, Art Enthusiast

"Being creative feeds my soul & my spirit!!! Cloth, paper, beads, fibers, embellishments are what feeds my creative process....I love to play with all of them......I also enjoy listening to all types of music, my favorite being Zydeco, Cajuun. Plus I enjoy watching mystery movies & reading them to....Walking is another past time that I least 2 miles every day, enjoy good chocolate, Ben & Jerry's icecream, plus I love living in New Mexico the "Land of Enchantment"."

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