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Laughing Cat, by Lacy Noel Cotton
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Entitled: Laughing Cat Enlarge
Category: New Media Medium: PhotoManip with Tablet and PS7
About this item: In spirit of All Hallow's Eve, I decided to create a photomanip. Took about four hours, and while it's not perfect, it's still nice. I encourage you to click on the larger version to study the detail.

Note: This piece can be ordered as a Print or Poster, and can be customized, should that be your desire.
Tags: girl, horror, macabre, manipulation
About the Artist
Lacy Noel Cotton
New Media Artist, Painter, Sculptor

"I'm a hermit, a horse rider, a writer, a painter. Alot more than that, and also alot less.
I'm standing on a precipice between enlightened thought and idealistic action. Not knowing which road I should take. Not seeing how I could reach the end of either."

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