Mermaid Magical Mystical Trinket Box Jewelry Box Distressed, by Samantha Lorastein
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Entitled: Mermaid Magical Mystical Trinket Box Jewelry Box Distressed Enlarge
Category: Houseware Medium: Unaltered Box
About this item: Hi!
Up for auction is a distressed mermaid adorned trinket/jewelry box. This little box is about 4.5" long, 2.5" wide, and 2" tall. The front has a brass little closure that makes it look more like it's out of a fairytale. There is a mermaid adorning the top that is covered in a soft green glitter with several glitter flowers on her body, even one in her hair. Also, on the right hand corner, there is a celtic knot also adorned with glitter.
There are glitter bubbles covering the box in a kind of swirly design; that's how the mermaid breathes!
The entire outside of the box is distressed with a brown ink! and the inside is painted a rich, rustic, chocolate brown.
Covered in a polyurethane finish to seal her forever!

Tags: magical, mermaid, trinket box, unique
About the Artist
Samantha Lorastein
Mixed Media Artist, Houseware Maker, Jewelry Maker, Paper Crafter

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