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ISSUES, by Jonathan Hiestand
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Entitled: ISSUES Enlarge
Category: Drawings Medium: Pencil Pen Photoshop
Size: 12.00"W x 8.00"H
About this item: This took me a short while but after looking at it, I realizd that this was some of the most f*ked up S*it I ever drew. So I scanned it in and kept the BW effect and just did some lineart. BTW each face represents a song on KORN's 4th album: Issues. Can you find the words?
Tags: dirty, hate, horror, life
About the Artist
Jonathan Hiestand
Illustrator, Mixed Media Artist, Art Enthusiast

"Name: Jonathan Hiestand
Age; 20
Precise Location: Street Light Teen Shelter, Portland OR 97205 USA Earth
Job: Virginia Woof Dog Day Care, Dog Attendant
Loves: Macs, Janine, Mt. Dew, Coffee, Anime, Manga, Music, Smokes!
Hates: Ignorant idiots (aka Liberals), protestors (do something you lazy bums!), arrogance, uhm...sickness.
Marital Status: Single
Kids: None, but someday
Pets: I want lotz!
Friends: Not really but people I trust.

Quote: "None."

Updates of Perfect Grey ASAP."

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