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Creme Pouch 2, by Kat Kaufman
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Entitled: Creme Pouch 2 Enlarge
Category: Bags and Purses Medium: fabric
About this item: This pouch has three strips of fabric down the front that have maroon trim and pearling. There are tassels on each corner. The pouch is designed to fit onto a dress hook, provided.
Tags: bag, medieval, pouch, renaissance
About the Artist
Kat Kaufman
New Media Artist, Bag & Purse Designer, Clothes Maker, Jewelry Maker

"I own my own business, Enchanted Designs, which I use to sell my product. I make bags, accessories, crafts, sell jewelry and leatherwork. The leatherwork is a sect of Enchanted Designs called Vittorio's Leather (coming soon to MAP). I like animals, music and movies. I am a bit eccentric, but not too bad. I also do web and graphic design."

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