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Sands, by Casey Martin
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Entitled: Sands Enlarge
Category: Paintings Medium: oil
Size: 24.00"W x 30.00"H
About this item:
Tags: expressionism, oil, sand, surreal
About the Artist
Casey Martin

"A Little About Ego Trap.
My work springs from a lifelong love of art. I prefer the gallery to the base ball diamond. I originally began painting...blah blah blah. Really do you care about where my or anyone else’s fountain of art love springs from. Probably not I wouldn’t and don’t, nothing personnel. Case in point go to two other artist web sites. Weather they get their inspiration from a talking door knob or a garden gnome, who cares. After all it’s the art that you like first. Also let’s face it we’ve all read bios before. Kinda like VH1s Behind the Music show. Let me break it down to you. Singer A: born, puts out popular song, gets famous throw in a drug habit, destroyed marriage and bad hair. Same with most artists minus most of the self destroying hobbies.

Here is a bit of info on me without the fluff.
I’m 29 and work as an illustrator for the US gob-ment. I currently live in England out in the middle of nowhere. Yeah, it’s a real place, google it later. I am married to thee most beautiful Romanian woman (and yes we did meet on line). I enjoy caving, art, gothy clubs and allot of other stuff. Things I don’t like Mtv, heelys, FOX news and more. And no I won’t put a portrait of Angelina Jolie in my gallery like 50% of the people here on DA.

Anyway look over all my works and thanks for put’en up with me."

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