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Rabbitat, by Rebecca Bourke
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Entitled: Rabbitat Enlarge
Category: Prints Medium: Etching with Aquatint
Size: 10.00"W x 7.00"H
About this item: Original Print, no border, printed on Fabriano etching paper. 1/1

An original print is one printed from a matrix on which the design was created by hand .
A fine art print is original only if the artist both conceived and had a direct hand in the production of the print. An original print should be distinguished from a reproduction, which is produced photomechanically, and from a restrike, which is produced as part of a later, unconnected publishing venture.

- Glossary of Printmaking Terms:
Tags: anselm, kiefer, rabbit, reversable
About the Artist
Rebecca Bourke
Mixed Media Artist, Printer, Photographer, Art Enthusiast

"I'd rather have my pictures sit under my bed and be devoured by book worm than sell them. Which is convenient, because no one wants to buy them anyway. "

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