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Untitled, by Melanie Lange
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Entitled: Untitled Enlarge
Category: Photography Medium: Digital Photography
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About the Artist
Melanie Lange

"Hi I am Melanie. I am a 32 year old chick from Arkansas and owner of The Shooting Range Photography.. Find me at We have our babies, our Boxers, Brenna, Misty, Hailey , Gunnar and our red earred slider turtle, Spike. Just about anything I can be creative with will hold my interest. I collect records, 45's, 33 1/3's and 78's. Also have a huge collection of 8 tracks, cassettes and cd's. I am all in all a huge music lover! I also LOVE tattoos! I have three of them myself, 4th happening soon, and planning over the next couple of years to get a full leg tat as well as about 4 others. Also, I am a fan of anything written by Stephen King.. I really do believe there is no other author out there that can write like he can and draw you into his world quiet the same way.. so with out my creative stuff, music and books, I would loose it! lol

I am a very easy going, laid back person and just love to live my life. Like I said, I am a very happily married woman, so if you are crusing looking for more, well hit the gas and keep on'a movin. But for friendship, well, a person can never have too many friends.

I just live life as it comes at me.
Remember, love one another like you have no tomorrows.

Hope all your days are wonderful and that you enjoy my little corner of this world here. "

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