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Whats That?!, by jason cesarz
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Entitled: Whats That?! Enlarge
Category: Paintings Medium: oils on canvas
Size: 16.00"W x 12.00"H x 1.00"D (1.00 lbs)
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Tags: red
About the Artist
jason cesarz
Illustrator, Mixed Media Artist, Painter, Photographer

"justjason is the fusion of visions and sounds by Jason Cesarz....
Poet/Photographer/Sound-Designer/Voice Talent...My passion is creating visual realms, and aural-atmospheres, harnessing my ideas, and crafting them into realization. Establishing the roots of what has grown into the thriving garden of justjason arts! Ever since early High- School, my writings always erupt at various intervals, and always seem to reflect my innermost hopes and fears, often times interwoven with illustrations, revealing my truest self, to myself, and the world! Most of my paintings are all made out of things thrown away by the industrial warehouses of NW Portland, where the "expired"colorants, paint, particle board, plywood, "expired" wood glue, and broken pallet pieces were all collected. Recycling all of this trash into something more...than just more trash, has become a passion for me!! My Sound Designs are constructed using duel Yamaha RM1x- Sequence- Remixers, FL Studio6, Sound Forge9, Samplitude V8 SE, my 11 piece Ludwig Drumset, and my library of samples, sound FX, homemade soundscapes, and of course my voice speaks for itself!! I continue to reside and work in Portland, with my son, who is now engrossed in his own artistic journeys!!!"

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