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"The Heart's Key"

"On his Facebook Fan Page, Roberto Velez of CHIMBRE ( ) asked for Art that repesented one or any combination of Tranformation, Evolution, and Healing. In keeping with the theme proposed by Rob, I decided to create a Psychic Impression (PI) ... was revealed via automatism. I entitled it 'The Heart's Key' as a play-on-words - 'The Heart is Key to (positive) Transformation, to Evolution (of Mind, Body, Spirit, and Nature), and to Healing (of self and all other living beings). The frequencies generated by emotions and feelings (from the Heart) are Key to successful Transformation, Evolution, and Healing ... powerful stuff! In addition, the PI (i.e. the Art) is full of the colours associated with the Key, generating proper vibrations to those willing to meditate upon it ... sucking you into its field and then harmonizing and resonating with your energies! ...a Key to open the portal to another dimension!' Do you think that we hit the mark?"

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