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Mary Vegely
Illustrator, Painter, Accessory Maker, Ceramic Artist, Art Enthusiast

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Gender:: Female
Member Since:: 12.06.21
Current Location:: Mississippi
Steps to help me .

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Ok, I'm going to maintain this, now. ...Love you!
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Kim Jackson wrote 14 years ago :
Aww, thank you so much, Mary! You know...from time to time... it's kind messages from folks like you that really motivate us and keep us going. It's only a 3-person team here in the MAP shack, so we do work around the clock. Exciting things will come soon even if it comes slowly. And, you're certainly number #1 in my book as well! Thank you so much for your active participation. Please consider blogging, I'm on MAP 24/7 and always love to read up on what folks are up to during the day. Thanks again, Mary and once our real-time chat system is up lets chat there!